Diamond Foods, Inc.

Did You Know?

  • Every year, 1 billion bee colonies are needed to pollinate almonds
  • Popcorn kernels must be about 350 degrees Fahrenheit to pop
  • Potato chips first became available in grocery stores in 1895. They were sold in barrels or tins until the 1930's when the first sealed bag was invented

Diamond for Food Service

Studies show that consumers prefer dining at restaurants that use the finest national brands. When it comes to culinary nuts, the top sellers are from Diamond Foods. Diamond is the only culinary nut company to support its products with national advertising. And it’s the only brand worthy of mention on your menu.

Diamond recently expanded its commitment to the food-service industry and now offers a full line of recipe-ready culinary nuts in 2-lb. and 5-lb. “controlled atmosphere” reclosable bags to preserve freshness. This 21-item line includes everything from pine nuts and chopped hazelnuts to fancy pecan halves, sliced almonds and walnut halves & pieces.

New Emerald traditional snack nuts in 2-lb. bags are designed specifically for food service...

Diamond, the world leader in culinary nuts, is proud to introduce three of its Emerald glazed nut products in a 20-oz. food-service size. (These products were formerly offered under the Diamond brand.) Sweet, crunchy and kettle-cooked for irresistible flavor, the Emerald line for food service includes Original Glazed Walnuts, Pecan Pie Glazed Pecans and Chocolate Brownie Glazed Walnuts. What used to take 20 minutes to prepare now takes just 10 seconds. Diamond Original Glazed Walnuts come ready to toss into your favorite Asian recipes or onto salads. All three flavors are tasty snacks and toppers for desserts. There is also a handy .5-oz. size, which is perfect for catering or box lunch applications.

Want to learn more? Download Diamond Nuts Especially for Food Service, our catalog for our food-service business partners.

Diamond for Premium Ingredient Walnuts

Diamond’s commitment to superior quality, consistency and service has made it the brand that ingredient buyers trust most for more than 90 years. Diamond is the leading supplier of ingredient walnuts to some of the most well known brands in the food industry, including General Mills, Kraft Foods, Pepperidge Farm, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Ben & Jerry’s, Sara Lee and See’s Candies.